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A new way to pedal on the water

The Velonautic is a nautical vehicle that can pedal on the water as they do on the road. Its handling is fast. It is very handy, in both forward and reverse, and requires no learning. The Velonautic is an innovative water bike. The propeller Elphéon it uses is specially designed to optimize performance and improve pedaling. The Velonautic can be operated from six years.

Pedal boat model Vélonautic

An elegant design for a hight quality product

The Velonautic is built with high quality materials. The steel frame bent/welded gives a very good rigidity to the assembly. Automatic disengagement of the shaft allows the Elphéon propeller to rise in contact with the bottom. Sealed transmission block and chainless propulsion of Velonautic help ensure it does not pollute during use.

The water bike of your leisures

Silent displacement of this water bike can render great services to fishermen and photographic hunters. It provides access to lake and rivers in silence while carrying away the desired equipment.

Pedaling on the water for health
and fitness

Pedaling on the water with this safe equipment allows for a fun and an outdoor fitness, functional rehabilitation or cardiac rehabilitation.

Technical data

Download the technical datasheet of Vélonautic